Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales

Also known as

Party ID
Party address
Ty Gwynfor
Marine Chambers
Anson Court
Atlantic Wharf
CF10 4AL
United Kingdom
CF10 4AL
Registered on
Party leader
Ms Leanne Wood
Nominating Officer
Mrs Rhuanedd Richards
Mr Owen Glyndwr Erasmus
Financial Year End
Great Britain
88: Emblem 1
89: Emblem 2
90: Emblem 3

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{"fielding_in"=>[], "other_officers"=>[], "campaigns_officer"=>"None", "registered_date"=>"1999-01-14T00:00:00", "postcode"=>"CF10 4AL", "party_leader"=>"Ms Leanne Wood", "nominating_officer"=>"Mrs Rhuanedd Richards", "emblems"=>[{"image"=>"Emblem_88.gif", "primary"=>false, "id"=>"88", "description"=>"Emblem 1"}, {"image"=>"Emblem_89.gif", "primary"=>false, "id"=>"89", "description"=>"Emblem 2"}, {"image"=>"Emblem_90.gif", "primary"=>false, "id"=>"90", "description"=>"Emblem 3"}], "party_address"=>"Ty Gwynfor\r\nMarine Chambers\r\nAnson Court\r\nAtlantic Wharf\r\nCaerdydd\r\nCF10 4AL\r\nUnited Kingdom\r\n", "email"=>"", "gibraltar_party"=>false, "financial_year_end"=>"31/12", "status"=>"Authorised", "fax"=>"", "end_date"=>nil, "phone_extension"=>"", "phone"=>"", "treasurer"=>"Mr Owen Glyndwr Erasmus", "party_id"=>"PP77", "accounting_units"=>{"exempt_from_parliamentary_election_returns"=>false, "exempt_from_quarterly_transaction_returns"=>true, "exempt_from_quarterly_donation_returns"=>false}, "geometry"=>{"type"=>"Point", "coordinates"=>[-3.1660200687567004, 51.476372354624836]}, "register"=>"Great Britain", "party_name"=>"Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales", "alternative_names"=>[""], "descriptions"=>[{"translation"=>"", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Achubwch Ysbyty Llandudno", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Save Llandudno Hospital"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Achubwch Ysbyty Llwynhelyg", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Save Withybush Hospital"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Achubwch ein Ysbyty", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Save our Hospital"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Llais Sir Gâr", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Carmarthenshire's Voice"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Peidiwch israddio ein ysbyty", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - No Hospital Downgrade"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Llais y Gogledd", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - North Wales Voice"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Gwna Wahaniaeth", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Make a Difference"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Achubwch ein Gwasanaeth lechyd", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Save our Health Service"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Llais Cynon", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Cynon Voice"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru - Eich Plaid Leol Chi", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru - Your Local Party"}, {"translation"=>"Plaid Cymru- Cymru'n Gyntaf", "description"=>"Plaid Cymru- Wales First"}]}